Tuesday, 18 November 2008



The drawing board of size 8'x4' mounted on a steel frame. The structure is of 50mmx50mm Sq. steel frame with truncated joints which are held in place with bolt and nut so that the whole assembly can be dismantled and transported. The pen table can be moved along the rail for different positions. We have used steel rope with plastic covering to hang the table. Standard 10Kg weights are provided to make the table heavy.

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Sunday, 16 November 2008


We were having difficulty in getting a glass bell jar. Finally we decided to use a SS container with a 5mm acrylic dome with compact PVC gasket held in place with C clamps. For all threaded joints we used shellac. The entire cycle of switching of vacuum pump on / off and air release are done through three cam switches driven by a 1 rpm motor .Recently we have added a Solenoid valve after the pump so that oil vapors do not enter the jar when the pump is in off position. For bell we have used one from old type telephone ringer with gongs which we used to supply to ITI.

Saturday, 8 November 2008


A 15 kg, plated solid round iron block is used as the pendulum with a 3mm steel rope. For Pulling we have used 5mm magnet mounted in acrylic block with a string attached.

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This is an exhibit which involves the visitor manually. Ball bearings were used to make the freely oscillating pendulum and table . To start the motion ropes are pulled instead of pushing by hand ,this avoids wobbling of the pendulum. An acrylic cover was added to avoid visitor contact. First we used fine grained sand on the table but the markings were not very visible . So finally we settled on white fine stone powder (Rangolipowder)

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